Become an Affiliate

So You Recognize An Opportunity When You See One… and You’re Ready to Go!

How to Get Involved In the Cannabis Industry Right Now

Great! Your next step is to become an affiliate of PrimeMyBody

You will then start sharing the most fantastic CBD oil available today with everyone you know that could use a boost to their health and well-being.

1.) To register as an affiliate, you simply pay $39/year, which covers your website and back office.

2.) To start making money, you will need to be both “active” and “qualified”. To be qualified, you need to bring on 2 affiliates (1 left & 1 right). To be active, either you or a customer needs to order $55/month of product.

You can start by buying 1 bottle and get into it more slowly (with people buying product via your PrimeMyBody website), or if you think you want to be more aggressive and have bottles that you can sell to people on-the-spot, you can get the 9-pack (get 1 free). You can also buy 3 or 5 bottles.

Fill out the form below & we’ll email you all the deets! Can also set up a call to chat.